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Why Preschools Love Our Enrichment Programme

Over 74 preschools have partnered BearyFun Gym to deliver fun yet safe, structured and science-backed gym programmes to 25,853 children. Here are 5 reasons why they do so.
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  • Improve coordination
  • Strengthen stability
  • Increase agility
  • Build strength
  • Boost locomotor skills
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  • Increase attention span
  • Stimulate brain development
  • Develop quick thinking skills
  • Enhance creativity
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  • Appreciate hard work
  • Conquer fears
  • Build perseverance
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Self-control
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  • Foster teamwork
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Cultivate patience
  • Overcome shyness
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    Character Building

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Grit
  • Discipline
  • Gratitude

Why Pick BearyFun Gym?




Years Experience


Kindergartens & Childcare


Full Time Qualified Coaches

What Children Learn In Our Preschool Gymnastics Curriculum

Developed over 18 years by our experienced instructors, BearyFun’s curriculum is specially tailored to help your preschool children enjoy physical activity while boosting all-round physical, mental and social development. Your students will learn Dominant Movement Patterns like jumping and landing skills, rolling, tumbling, balance, and travelling—these essential movements help them do better at work, sport and play.

How We Deliver More Value To Your Preschool

To make it more convenient and compelling for your school, we provide the following services to help you impress and wow your parents!

Presentation to Parents

BearyFun Gym will provide ONE complimentary presentation to parents to introduce the gymnastics movement programme during school events such as Open Houses or Orientation Days within a calendar year.

Assessment of Children

The coaches at the end of Term 2 and Term 4 will conduct an assessment of the child’s physical skills to ensure that they meet developmental milestones. This assessment report will be given to each child and their parents.

Showcase At Graduation Concert

At the end of the year, a gymnastics performance will be choreographed for your K2 children to showcase their gymnastic skills at their Year End Graduation Concert.

Space Saving Gym Equipment

A standard set of gymnastics equipment will be supplied to your school. This includes items such as wedges, foldable gym mats, rebounder, floor beam and floor box. To minimise space, these equipment will fit into a 1.5 m by 1.5 m area.

BearyFun Gym Preschool Enrichment Class Levels

Our programme is specially designed to match the developmental milestones of children at different ages and sizes!

Elementary Class (Playgroup & Nursery 1)

Elementary Class
(Playgroup & Nursery 1)

Beginner classes for playgroup and N1 kids focus on brain stimulating physical activities. They include crawling through tunnels, walking on a balance beam, and rolling down a wedge. These are specially designed to develop their gross motor skills.

Intermediate Class (Nursery 2 & Kindergarten 1)

Intermediate Class
(Nursery 2 & Kindergarten 1)

As children grow older at N2 and K1 ages, more sophisticated exercises are introduced. Rotation skills and locomotor movements are introduced and mastered here. Intermediate level gymnastics skills such as static stretching are also taught to help your student to become more flexible, coordinated and confident.

Advanced Class (Kindergarten 2)

Advanced Class
(Kindergarten 2)

Catering to their higher physical abilities, our K2 classes include more advanced gymnastic skills. They include the forward roll, cartwheel, and trampoline skills that further challenge the children both physically and mentally. Those who are keen can continue their journey with BearyFun’s public programme all the way till their teenage years!

Frequency of Lessons

To ensure that it is manageable for preschools yet regular enough to reap benefits, here’s our lesson frequency for all levels:
  • 30 minutes per lesson
  • Once a week
  • 4 Lessons in a month
  • For 48 lessons in a year

Our List of Preschool Clients

Who Are The Coaches of BearyFun Gym

Our team of dedicated and qualified coaches (aka “Bearians”) are experienced in managing preschool kids — our co-founder was a preschool educator herself!
BearyFun Gym was started by former MediaCorp stuntman Mr Terran Aw. Overcoming a learning disorder from young, his passion is to equip teachers to teach young children with essential movement skills. Partnering Terran is Ms Sim Ker Ling, an experienced preschool educator who has years of gymnastics coaching experience. Supporting Terran and Ker Ling, BearyFun Gym has a team of over 20 full time coaches who are experienced in managing and coaching children of different age groups.
Our knowledge of child development needs helps us to establish good rapport with children and their parents. We have seen many children improve in their physical and cognitive abilities over the years, and received lots of positive feedback from parents and schools.

What Clients of Our Preschool Enrichment Programme Say

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BearyFun’s Preschool Enrichment Programme

How do you ensure the safety of the children?
Do we need to purchase the equipment?
What is the space needed for a gym?
Will there be make-up lessons for public and/or school holidays?
How is the Programme Fees calculated?
Can we terminate the contract?
How do you ensure the safety of the children?

We take the safety and well-being of our children very seriously. It is of utmost importance to us, and will not be compromised in any aspect. All preventive and safety measures will be put in place during the lessons. The children will also be under close supervision by the coach. In the event of an unfortunate accident, our coach will closely follow the set of emergency procedures outlined by the school.

Do we need to purchase the equipment?

BearyFun Gym will supply a standard set of gymnastics equipment to each school. Storage area is about 1.5m by 1.5m.

What is the space needed for a gym?

It would be good if we can have a classroom or music room. However, if there is a space constraint, my consultant will drop by and advise further.

Will there be make-up lessons for public and/or school holidays?

Make up lessons will be arranged if lessons are affected by public and/ or school holidays.
(In the event of the 5th week within the months, there will not be any gym lesson
conducted in that week. Alternatively, that week can be used to arrange make up lessons if

How is the Programme Fees calculated?

The programme fees are payable based on the total enrolment of children (to be provided by the school) at the end of month. There will not be any provision for children who are absent from class.

The amount quoted is not subjected to any profit sharing or markup fees. It is subjected to the centre’s decision on the amount to be markup.

Payment is to be made via Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Can we terminate the contract?

In the event that the school wishes to terminate the contract, 3 months’ notice is required. However, we are confident that this should not happen as your children, parents and teachers will love the programme!

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