Our coaches are experienced in managing and coaching children of different age groups.
With our knowledge of child development and needs, we are able to establish a good and warm rapport with children and their parents. We have seen many children improve in their physical and cognitive abilities and receive positive feedback from parents and school.

Coaching Qualification

Singapore Sports Council and Singapore Gymnastics


Teaches both physical and non-physical benefits that can help your child with any sports

Teaching Qualification

Association for Early Childhood Education (Singapore), AECES.

Skill Based not Play Based

Structured classes that provide proper instructions and appropriate practice opportunities


Child Development, Child Psychology, Classroom Management skills and First-aid skills

Fundamental Development

Lesson plans are repeatedly planned and delivered, reviewed and modified for the appropriate gymnastics curriculum for young children

Our Directors and Team


We have coached and delivered our programmes in more than 40 Kindergartens and Childcare Centres such as: