BearyFun Gym @ Changi

BearyFun Gym Changi is our second branch, since 2016. The gym is situated in the heart of Changi Business Hub within close proximity to Changi City Point and Expo. BFG@Changi is biggest branch to date, with an area of around 4200 Sq ft, and is able to accommodate students with ample space for floor and trampoline skills.

We are also easily accessible by train, within walking distance from Expo Mrt station, and within close proximity to Tanah Merah and Simei Mrt stations. With our small class ratio of 1 coach to 8 students ratio, it boasts the best gymnastics class ratio and learning environment in Singapore and is a great place to pick up the sport.

For more information, Please do contact us here.




  • Psychomotor & body coordination development
  • Increase in muscular strength,
    endurance, flexibility & agility
  • Knowledge of break falling techniques
  • Gain pre-requisite skills
    for other sports


  • Provides opportunities for kids to be creative
  • Stimulate their imaginations
  • Boost self-management
    in a safe environment
  • Increase mental focus and concentration


  • Develop friendships in gymnastics classes
  • Gain confidence in their own abilities
  • Equip them with skills to handle
    physical & emotional challenges in life
  • Opportunity to communicate with peers, work within a team
    and engage with adults.

Changi Branch Programmes


With integration of music and gymnastic movements, stimulating various senses of the little ones with different experiences, it bolsters to spark their interest and fulfill their inquisitiveness.

(3 years old)

Fun-filled activities in a structured environment where it encourages independence in children’s learning. Socialization activities to teach children to listen and follow instructions.

(4 years old)

Energetic and fun activities like fitness circuits to ensure continual movement and encourage risk taking.

(5 years old)

Tumbling skills and locomotor movements are taught to build strength, agility, coordination and confidence.

Flexi K2
(6 years old)

Focused on learning technical gymnastic skills, to further challenge the children physically and mentally.

Fitness Teen
(7-12 years old)

This one-and- half hour weekly programme incorporates more conditioning and strength activities to prepare for more physically demanding skills. More challenging gymnastics skills are introduced, reviewed and mastered.